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About the Project


Anyone who lives in or near Manhattan knows about the wonderful trail that leads to the Gallatin River and back. People use the trail regularly for fitness, catching up with neighbors, walking their pets, and as a way to enjoy the beautiful views.

Many trail lovers travel to Three Forks to enjoy the Headwaters Trail System that runs east of town. Both Manhattan and Three Forks citizens who use these trails usually end up saying the same thing, "I wish this trail went a little farther."  That is the hallmark of a well-used and well-loved system.

The volunteers who are pushing this project forward have long wished for a longer trail, or better yet - one that connects all our communities - Manhattan, Logan, and Three Forks

As residents of this area we recognize we love this part of the valley and don't want to have to travel to Bozeman to access extensive and connected trail systems. We have the opportunity to work towards connecting two beloved systems and thereby connect our communities through the joy of trail use. 

We hope you will join your neighbors to help get this project done!

See you on the trail...

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